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Back in 2005 I felt the desire to start a blog when Windows Live Spaces started. I was planning to make it a private blog where I could share family things with my extended family when God intervened and said that I was to make my blog public. Timeout, if I am going to make it public then my subject and content will need to be different and so I prayed and asked what should I blog about then. I was doing daily devotions, reading God's Word and making notes, and so God prompted me to start sharing my notes in the blog. Ok, so now I had a subject but what would I call it became my next big decision. My daily devotional as I was starting 2005 was from the book of Revelation which pointed me to the name. From 2005 which was when I started to Eternity which is when I plan to stop writing when I get to spend eternity in God's presence.

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